“Are we in Asia or in Europe?”, Astrid asks. “I do not know”, I answer.

We are passing the Ural the mountains between Europe and Asia. We are on our way to Yekaterinburg.


on the roadFor tourists like us, it would be nice to see a sign on the road: “You are leaving Europe.” “Welcome to Asia!” It would be a nice subject to take a picture.

Quick note: The Ural is not so spectacular. Over hundreds of kilometers the street sidles between 200 and 450 metres.

When we come closer to Yekaterinburg, the streets are getting crowded. Ok, it make sense: big city, more people, more cars, more traffic.

In advanced we looked for three possible places to park Loki for the night. However, one of them does not exist anymore and the other ones are looking not so nice. After four hours traffic jam we decide to leave Yekaterinburg. Now we are definitly in Asia, even without a sign.

Close to Yekaterinburg is a huge lake. We find a nice place for the night. It is really windy and cold, so that we aren`t outside the car. However, because of the wind there are no mosquitos there.

Jekaterinburg-5“Camping” Tyumen

After a relaxed afternoon and night at the lake we are going further to Tyumen.

Northwest of Tyumen shall be a Camping site. We are looking forward to have a hot shower.
However there is nothing. It is just grassland, some tents of Russians around and a pool with dark brown, but hot water – hot springs.
Astrid beim Wassertanken

We pay 600 rubles for nothing. Next morning we are leaving further to the East, to Omsk.