World Trip planned route

In the approach of our trip were the considerations what we want to see on our world trip everything. Which countries we want to travel around? Which places we want to visit? Where we want to remain longer? How is the political situation on site? Can I enter in a country generally?

These considerations at the back of our mind we slowly developed a route for our planned world trip.

World trip our planned route

We agreed very fast that we would not like to travel around North America and Australia. These areas will not attract us. Or in other words, we can visit these regions still later. The dynamism of changes in these regions is rather slow compared to South America, Asia and Africa.

Our trip around the world by the car – a Steyr 680 – should begin in March, 2014 enough time to continue the plannings. We are aware that the planned route and the planned time is flexible and will be changed on the basis of changes of the political situation, the weather, our experiences on site and other influence.

Rough time planning of the world trip

(find the countries we travelled so far – at the end of this page)

in 2014
March / beginning April: Poland and the Baltic Countries
From April to June: Russia
July: Mongolia
August: China to Nepal
September November: India
December: Myanmar
in 2015
From January to March: Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand
April: Malaysia (vehicle ship to South America)
From May to August: Indonesia, Papua Neuguinea
September March: South America (vehicle ship to Capetown)
in 2016
April: Capetown
December: Munich

Five Month till the start of our world trip – now in South East Asia

Five Month till the start of our world trip – old Version

From Munich to Asia

Update October 2014: Now, we are in Thailand. It wasn’t planned, but a landslide in Nepal forced us to make a decision. Where we are going next? We don’t know yet. That’s travelling.

Update February 2015: We are still in Thailand. However we are planning the next steps…Cambodia, Myanma, India and Nepal … ne adventures to come.

The countries we travelled so far


April: Poland, Ukraine

May: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

April, June: Russia

July: Mongolia

August: China

September: Laos

Oktober- : Thailand