World trip How I should say it

The planning of a world trip is not problematic. On the Internet there are many forums in which one can find answers to all questions. Well, let say to find almost answer to all questions.

A question in forums is not answered how I say it relatives and friends. The people who mean a lot to us that one is away for two to three years. Simply said, on it there is also no easy answer.

World trip – How I should say it

The narrow friends who know somebody well will be glad for one. To tell the truth, here the plan bursts out if he was caught – also fast. Our experiences were that they are glad for us and also support by the preparation with pleasure.

With relatives it behaves a little bit differently. Here more instinct belongs to it. The timing is important. If one says it if one has caught the plan, or if one has already initiated the first steps. Everybody knows, one will not see himself mutually for longer time, can not go  sometimes fast on a coffee and will not be present at important family celebrations.

We had resolved to inform our families only on it after the plan became concrete and the first steps were concluded.

To meet prematurely the worries which parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters mostly have, before we created the possibility to phone times about Skype.

This sounds banally, but with the older generation the technology affinity is not always coined. Here that’s why one must support and create the technical conditions.

However, to our luck our plans were taken up positively by all.