World trip and insurance

If one goes on world trip, rolling the folder and bank statements can sometimes bring out unexpected things. Can somebody of you say right away which memberships, assurances and other contracts you have? We were also surprised.

All contracts collecting, examining and cancelling.

World trip and insurances

Do I need my German mobile radio contract? No. The roaming costs eat up the travel cash.

Do I need an Internet connection? Yes, e.g., in order to write the Blog, and to skype, indeed no DSL connection at home.

Do I need a liability insurance? Yes, but one should check whether this is also valid abroad.

Do I need a household effects assurance? No, which we have no more household. Unless, you have kept your flat.

Do I need my fitness club membership? No. Why? one is not there the next months anyway.

If you do not want to cancel some contracts, you can try to put out this. But it is important to pay attention to the terms of notice. Nowadays, most contracts run up to two years and maybe one comes out of goodwill rather, but this must not be.