World trip and household

If you want to keep the flat during the world trip or want to sublets, you can leave the household effects if necessary there or store in the cellar. Alternatively it also comes up the possibility to rent a storeroom and to let the personal things there, up to the return.

World trip and household

Because we dissolve our flats in Munich, variation one or two is not a possibility for us. Renting a storeroom, we also do not want. What now?

Selling furnitures?

At the latest with the attempt of the sales of a fitted kitchen everybody makes the experience that you will get only a fraction of that what you has paid once. Alike it looks to other pieces of furniture. Actually, nobody wants to buy it and wants to to put a relevant amount of money on the table.

Our pieces of furniture are transmitted in the circle of friends or are brought just to the bulky refuse.

For the whole other little things which you have collected about the years there are the following ideas:

Flea market

For reasonable little things there is the possibility to release a small amount on the flea market. The achieved amount also improves the travel cash.

World trip party with friends

For clothes, CDs, dishes, books …

A party with friends, a piggy bank – also well for the travel cash.

Throwing away!

Yes, this is maybe difficult, but quite honest what do you want with it? The world trip is a good possibility to dump it.

And the rest?

Contracts, reports and from the things from which you cannot really separate should fit in a box. Then you can store this box maybe with relatives or friends.