Visa Thailand

After we were forced by our airline to change our plans, we had to organized a visa for Thailand.

 Visa Thailand

For tourists from Germany there are in general two visa possibilities for entering Thailand.

 Visa on Arrival

You will get a visa for Thailand on arrival free by entering the country by airplane or by crossing the boarder. The duration is different, by airplane you get a permission to stay up to 30 days and by entering the country overland just 15 days.

Tourist visa

You can apply for a tourist visa at the Thai embassy or at the Thai consulate. The visa is valid up to six month, however it permits to stay maximum for 60 days in Thailand. You can also apply for a multiple entry visa (up to three times). However, after 60 days you have to make a visa run and you will get another 60 days.

 More different types of visa

If you want to stay longer or e.g. to work in Thailand you should apply for a non-immigrant visa. There are different types of non-immigrant visa:

Visa O – requires a minimum age of 50 years and a personal income statement of more then 1.000 EUR a month

Visa B – requires a declaration of a company, a copy of contract of employment and the length of stay

Visa ED – for educational purposes

More information

Due tot he fact that we want to stay about 150 days, we applied for a tourist visa. We got in 15 minutes at the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate in Munich. Another advantage of a tourist visa you can change it in another visa type at the „One-Stop“-Service in Bangkok. It is not possible to change a visa on arrival – minimum a tourist visa is required.