the five month till our world trip starts

The decision was made. The flight is booked. Before the start of our world trip in March, 2014 we are spending only a few weeks in Cuzco (Peru) and later we are going to Roatán (Honduras).

The first stop Cuzco (Peru)

For days we have spent to study the Big Mac index of different countries in South America and Central America.
The plan was and is, to spend there a few weeks and to improve our Spanish knowledge.
In the narrower choice there were Cuba, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.
Our first choice Cuba was, unfortunately, out, because in the first weeks we will need internet for the other planning of our adventure. An “highspeed” internet connection is not given topically on Cuba what was confirmed to us on inquiry.
How the decision was been taken to go to Cuzco, we cannot say any more. These were presumably the photos, the town in the Andes which irritated us.
Picturesquely the town adapted itself in the Andes. Cuzco lies away at a height of 3,200 m, the starting point to visit the Machu Picchu and only a day trip away from the Titicacasee.
After the stressful weeks of travel preparations optimal conditions on us to switch off and to improve our Spanish knowledge. Our booked Guesthouse (View Point Cuzco) looks promising with an indescribable view about Cuzco.

Further to Roatán (Honduras)

When exactly we will leave Peru and what we will make after a few weeks of Cuzco, is not certain yet. However, we want to be on Roatàn at the beginning of December.
Roatán is an island which belongs to Honduras and is situated in the Golf of Mexico.
An island about we have already read and heard a lot in diving reports. The second largest Barrier-Reef of the world conveniently Roatán is offering everything for divers what one can fancy.
After the end of the raining and hurricane season Middle till the end of November, Roatán – in particular to the yule tide – becomes a popular destination for Americans. Our plan is to stay here for about three months, before later in March we are going to Germany. There we want to take our car and to explore the world further.