Diving at Koh Phangan – Sail Rock

After three days relaxing at Koh Phangan, we went on our fourth day to the PADI Dive Center „The Dive Inn“  in Chaloklum.  At the very next day we found ourselves on a boat to the famous dive site “Sail Rock”.

Diving at Koh Phangan/Chaloklum – best spot: Sail Rock

Still suffering from jet lag, we rolled out of bed at 6:30 a.m.  full of anticipation and arrived at the “Dive Inn” at 7:30.
Koh Phangan The Dive Inn
The Thai owner “Fern” welcomed us friendly and invited us in the first place to a cup of coffee – It actually worked really well.Two day before the famous Full Moon Party has taken place and due to this fact there were still a lot of party people on the island.Round about 8 o’clock we started to go to the boat! Awakened by coffee and excited what the day might bring, we went the ridiculous 50 meters to the boat, where all the diving stuff already has been prepared! Wonderful!

The trip to Sail Rock/ Koh Phangan

After we arrived at the pier, we noticed, that a few other dive boats  were also ready to start to Sail Rock.  Our thoughts about all the other people had been expelled immediately by an extensive breakfast.
We could enjoy the trip to Sail Rock which took round about one and a half hours.

At the Sail Rock / Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan The Dive InnThe Sail Rock is a little pinnacle in the Gulf of Thailand, between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Sail Rock is mostly visited by diving boats from Koh Phangan. From time to time boats from Koh Tao come as well, especially when the whale shark shows up.
There were just four or five around, less than expected after the Full Moon Party. Astrid, who was here last year and who desired to come back because of the fantastic dive side, told about giant fish swarms. The guides narrated from Whale Sharks.

Diving at Sail Rock / Koh Phangan

During the boat trip came to light, that we are the only “Fun Diver” of the diving school “Dive Inn”. Our guide was delighted when he saw our brevets: one diving teacher and a rescue diver.
From the boot we could have a view at 20 until 30 meter deep.
While descending we saw a huge swarm of barracudas! Superb!
Batfishes, grouper…ahhh divinely!!!
After a rich lunch for vegetarians and meat-eater likewise we went on for the second dive.
Koh Phangan Sail Rock
This time the view was a little bit worsened. We dived almost around the whole Sail Rock, once the veil raised and Sail Rock showed why it`s famous.
Whit a visibility of 25 meter we marveled at huge swarms of different kinds of fishes, which came out of the nebulous depths and swam to the sun.
Once the swarm scattered because hidden in the dust were minimum 10 huge barracudas, which hunted the swarm.
We completed our dive by ascending in a chimney up to 5 meter, accompanied by a huge amount of damselfishes.
At the surface we look speechless to each other. Genius! What a finish!

The return to Chaloklum to the „Dive Inn“

On board again, the bad weather front reached us. For heavens sake we were on board before the rain was started, otherwise we would have been wet.
The rain was gone as fast as he came and without big waves we returned to Chaloklum, where we were welcomed by “Fern” again. Again coffee and water was served for the sportsmen.
A gorgeous day! An excellent dive spot!
We hope we will have a change during our stay in Thailand to come back and are diving at Koh Phangan the Sail Rock again.

Approximately we go on to discover the dive spots of Southern Thailand.

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