South route Mongolia to Ulan-Baatar

Yippie. Finally paved roads. We ar leaving Bayankhongor. We can feel the last kilometres. Behind BAyankhongor a paved road on the South route Mongolia to Ulan-Baatar starts.

South route Mongolia to Ulan-Baatar – back to civilization

South route-31Sometimes contructions interupt the paved road and give us a offraod feeling back.
Sometimes there are potholes on the road, however there are also warning signs.

We can drive fast – compared to the days before. Lakes and green graslands are around. Livestock graze.

Little mouses are running over the streets. Raptorial birds sit left and right and are waiting for the mouses.

Here, Mongolia looks like at the pictures

South route-42Several times we are stopped by livestock on the road.

Why are herds always on the road?

Horses are the stupiest and try to cross the street always in fromt of us.
List of the stupiest livestock:

  • Horses
    South route-54At the evening we stop behind Erdenesant for the the night. From our window we can follow a horse race. In Erdenesant is the local Naadam-Festival


Culture shock Ulan-Baatar

Next day we drive to Ulan-Baatar.
A big city in a valley. A week of seclusion and now the rush hour.

We do not know how, but we arrive at Oasis guesthouse GPS N 47°54’41.7″
E 106°58’52.1″.