South route Mongolia Bayankhongor

Our night next to the paved road was quiet. No cars came. With our café we look again for the trucks at the horizon. After an hour we accept that the road is guiding us through the middle of the valley and it`s definitely not paved and not good at all – Washboard roadon the South route Mongolia Bayankhongor!

South route Mongolia Bayankhongor – Looking for the best track

Our GPS is out of duty. It doesn’t know a way. It tells us to go 50 km back and then to the south. We don`t trust it, truck are driving at our road, so we are sure, that that it`s the new main road!
mongolia South route day6-6The road is hilly. 20-30 roads going up and down. If you find the right one you could go really fast, if you follow the wrong one you could easily stuck in the wet sand. A lot of tracks in the sand point that out.
Loki loves sandy tracks We too, because it´s less bumpy.
As we reach one of the valleys, we see a lot of truck drivers waiting at the top. Not a good sighn, it normally means here is something difficult to drive. We try to change tracks quick to the very right side, where the trucks are standing at the hill. Up to now we don`t notice, that the road is going worse. It really doesn’t look like.
Right before we reached the very left track, the ground becomes wet and very soft. The way is very steeply and LOKI sinks into the sand more and more. We are no longer able to stop or to change tracks. Finger crossing and put our foot down is the only thing we can do.
The tracks behind us become deeper and deeper! After 800 meters we finally reached the top.
The truck drivers clap the hands, they won`t take this track down!
At afternoon we reach the river. Time to wash laundry and to have a look where it`s the best route to cross.

River crossings

Our GPS tells us that we have three river crossings today.
We decide to look what the locals are doing and then to follow. That’s the plan.
There is one „ferry“. Ferry in this case mean, If you can`t cross by your one you will be towed by a tractor.
On the other side of the river a bus is waiting for us. He wants to have a look at our river crossing first.
So ok lets go. There a re a few tracks on each side. First we hit the line right, then Loki slump in front. Water comes to the front window (and we are very big). We reach the bank, but the bus driver is looking for another route.
mongolia South route day6-210km later we stand right in front of a little river. We must look a little bit puzzled, because a shepard ride to us and show us a rout through the water. The water is not deep but the ground is extremely muddy.
We decide to spend the night at this side of the river and have a look at the trucks.
At the next morning a big Kamaz stuck. He ask us for help.
We tell him that the next village is not far, but he won`t go there: They are all drunken, before I go there I will dig my truck out of here!”
35 tons a muddy ground, we expect rather to get stuck ourselves than to pull him out of the mud.
Luckily two other trucks passed. They needed both trucks to pull him out.
We take another way and have no problems at all. You just have to find the right way.
The further ride gets up and down.




The road before Bayankhongor is really bad. Wrong route, the trucks drive at the top and we are down at the mud.
It´s going to be very windy and the heaven turns black. We decide to go up.
Bayankhongor is just 15 km away. A sandstorm is on. 15 km could be very long, as you are only able to drive walking speed. Bayankhogor is far away, we need one hour for the 15 km.
After the city we left the paved road at the mountains for the night camp. On the old roads nobody is driving any longer.