South route mongolia

In the morning the ways of Loki and the fire truck go in a different directions. Or not? On a really good road we are driving the South route Mongolia to Elgii.

South route Mongolia Elgii

In Elgii we are going shopping, getting some diesel and money.
mongolia Altai-25We have to possibilities to go to Ulan-Baatar; The North and the South route.
The South route passes parts of the dessert Gobi and the North route passes the mountains in the North.
Because of the rain in the last days the North route is not really drivable. So we decide to go on the South route to Ulan-Baatar, because it`s our first off road adventure.
On a good street we go tot he east and pass a lake. At one point the street ends.
Here is not really a road; it is more an idea of a road.
mongolia Altai-17On a river crossing we see two boys with an eagle. It is a good chance to getting close to our first eagle.

mongolia Altai-14Our navigations systems are working well. We stay close to the main route. Two kilometres in front of us we shall pass two lakes. A Mongol driver stops here and asks for a map.

We stuck

Unfortunatly two minutes later we stuck in the middle of the lakes. The „road“ looks good, however three wheels can not get any ground.
Under the surface there is a lot of water going through. We cannot drive further or back. Ohhh, shit. At horizon we can see trucks going a way outside the valley.
How we can get help. Loki is getting deeper into the water.
mongolia Altai-21Luckily the fire truck is behind us. Just 15 minutes after our disaster. They took as well the wrong route. The first try fails, the second, the third. Loki is still stocking in the middle of a Valley.
After a work of three hours, digging and liffing to place six waffle boards under the tires, we get Loki free. It was the last try.

mongolia Altai-23Nobody else could help us here. The trucks would never leave their track for us. The risk, that they get stuck as well is too high for them.

We are leaving the valley on the outside route and later we spend a bottle of vodka.
We were really lucky today.