Project world trip

Life must be lived forwards, but can only be understood backwards.

“Really? You are going on a world trip?”,

we have almost daily heard this sentence during the last months, after we have brougth our plans into public.

Emotions confront us, from complete enthusiasm, up to entire lack of understanding about this step.

What does happy, professionally and private successful people lead to leave, the job, the flat and the centre of life for a certain time?
A monotony in the daily grind? The curiosity on new? Adventurousness? Independence?
We would like to predo one. It is not the life in Munich. At the moment it is our choosen City. The Alps for walking, for climbing, for Mountain Biking, the lakes in the countryside, for diving and sailings, a stone’s throw to the Mediterranean Sea. Munich gives the variety which we fancy in our life.

This is not a question of monotony in our life.

But, nevertheless, we want to turn our back on Munich – for the moment – and start a world trip

During the last years our adventurousness has been awakened by different trips to Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. In addition there is a desire for new and the wish to discover the world – e.g. to witness the sunrise on the Kilimanjaro, to drink a maté tea on Machu Picchu and to enjoy the sundown on the Andaman Island.
We both have already seen somewhat of the world. Is it not enough to spent the vacation in the distance? This is absolutaly an option as well. However, this is not longer one for us.  The feeling: “Damn, the vacation is already over again!” probably knows each one of us.
We rather want to have a look only on places, towns or sights. Even so, a short period of holidays cannot offer a deeper impression.
We want to immerse into other cultures. On our world trip we claim to see places which are beyond the current routes and we want to leave sometimes the way. We want to enjoy the freedom to be able to stay at a place longer than planned or to leave this place as quickly as can.
To be able to combine this, we are not facing to travel around the world by airplane, even more we want to explore the world by car.
We are aware, that after severeal years in the professional life we cannot switch off from 100 to zero. Even so, we will be entitled to face new challanges on our world trip.
These are, e.g., crossings of the border by car, take care of petrol or autobreakdowns.
We are forward to it and we ware happy to share our experiences in our Blog with you.



“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

I studied law at the university LMU Munich
While, before and after I worked in a lot of jobs, to name a few: seller, waitress, projectionist, sailing teacher, skiing teacher…
Related to my studies, I worked in and for law firms. In particular in the field of German and European trademark and competition law

What i like: Every kind of outdoor activities
In particular diving, sailing, skiing, mountain climbing,to discover everything what wants to be discovered, to read good books, adventures

What I hate: Computers, dullness, narrow-mindedness, to have not enough time, postpone plans to retirement

What I need: My hammock, my scarf, confidence, my friends and always at least one finger of water under the keel of my boat!

Best Dives: Koh Lanta Thailand (Andaman Dive Adventure)



born in Potsdam, 05.04.1977
grown up in the German Democratic Republic
studies of Business Administration
Moved to Munich in 2002
worked for MEAG (10 years)
Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor (freelancing for DiveCenter Paradise)


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