Preparations for a world trip

A world trip does not plan itself overnight. Well, probably it is possible to pack simply the suitcase, to take the passport and to drive off. But for us it is a matter of solving the anchorages in Germany. Which preparations we must make.

Preparations for a world trip check list

An important point by the preparation of a world trip are the considerations as I want to proceed with my current life in my homeland. Here it is important, to be followed different points.

For how long I want to travel around the world?

Should I keep the flat in Germany or dissolve?

Job and world trip – does it work?

What happens with the inventory and the other little things which one has collected the last years?

What happens with running contracts – from the insurance, mobile phone contract up to the fitness club?

How do I say it my relatives, friends and friends?

After the points are cleared, you should consider what I need for the world trip.

How long does my passport still run?

Which health insurance is suited for me?

How want I to come on the way in cash or pay my calculations?

Should I deposit authorities at home?

Which vaccinations do I need? How should my first-aid kit look?

Up into the cloud!