Poland – Lesny Dwor

After four weeks of preparations and renovation of „Loki“ we finally started our world trip from Frankfurt Oder. Our first Waypoint is Poland, our first aim: Lesny Dwor.

Poland – Lesny Dwor

„Loki“was ready to drive or not? We started the engine. The battery charger light didn`t go out. The batteries aren`t loaded, generator?
Fortunately, however it was just a loose V belt, so we were able to start our journey. An hour later we crossed the “Oder-Neiße border”.



The wind was blowing strong, it was raining we couldn`t find a toll service.
In Poland most of the roads are toll roads and not only the highways. After we finally found a toll service, we were enlightened that the amount we have to pay stick to the pollutant emission of the car.


on the road

Due to the delay with the V belt, it got dark. We were on the way to Wroclaw (Breslau) as we decided to stay on a lorry parking place overnight. Nothing special happened during the night and at 8 am in the morning we were woken by a school class.
The day started with fresh coffee, cooked in our “kitchen”!

von 200 auf 800m

from 200 to 800m

We carried on to the south to the “Eulengebirge”(Gory Sowie). We drove to a beautiful landscape with a lot of flourishing trees. As we came closer to the mountains, the sun was shining.
Near the castle Frankenstein we stopped, before we headed to the camping side.
The last stage of the day carried us through the mountains. It took us 5 km to climb the hill from 200 to 800 m. We were glad to see, that “Loki” had no problems with the gradient.

Lesny Dwor

The staff was astonished, when we reached the estate. Normally it`s to early to go camping and therefore the estate is still closed.  But we were allowed to stay for two nights and right at the first night it began snowing.

The camping side is very lovely, a barbecue place, camping places in terraces and a lot of trees are there.

Even a pool was there, but without water for sure. It`s still wintertime in Lesny Dwor.

Lesny Dwor - vor Saisonstart

Lesny Dwor – vor Saisonstart