Campsites Russia

Here you can find a shortlist of our campsites Russia (incl. GPS-coordinates).


Campsites Russia

St. Petersburg

Kind: campsite at the pier

Facilities: water, shower, electricity, toilet

Comment: a parking space with all facilities at the pier

GPS-coordinates: N59 57.591 E30 13.976


Moscow – Sokolnikipark

Kind: campsite Inside the Sokolnikipark,

Facilities: water, shower, electricity, toilet

Comment: in the Sokolniki-Park

GPS-coordinates: N55 48.023 E37 40.330

Suzdal- Camping

Kind: last regular campsite with European standard on your way to the East

Facilities: water, shower, electricity, toilet, Wifi

Comment: relaxed place at a river

GPS-coordinates: N56 25.873 E40 25.291


Volga close to Kazan

Kind: wild camping

Facilities: none

Comment: nice place above the Volga (Thanks to Herr MAN)

GPS-coordinates: 49.100 E48 28.436



Kind: wild camping

Facilities: small river

Comment: nice campsite at a small river and a lake

GPS-coordinates: N56 30.375 E52 40.889


Kind: parking space

Facilities: River

Comment: None

GPS-coordinates: N57 26.361 E57 00.437



Kind: regular Russian campsite

Facilities: river, toilets

Comments: It’s a Russian campsite: Enjoy it

GPS-coordinates: N57 17.757 E65 04.965

On our way from Yekaterinburg to Novosibirsk we were attacked by millions of moskitos. Mostly we stopped on truck stops or put our car on the top of an hill in the wind. There was not really a chance to stay outside.


Kind: truck stop

Facilities: Shower, toilet, water

Comment: Very nice and clean truck stop

GPS-coordinates: N55 00.049 E74 36.434

Novosibirsk – German House

Kind: Parking space

Facilities: toilet, water

Comment: parking space in front of the German House, but you have to pay

GPS-coordinates: N55 02.031 E82 56.019


Direction Altai-mountains

Kind: wild camping

Facilities: river

Comments: campsite at a river close to the road, however it es quite

GPS-coordinates: N51 51.120 E85 44.357



Kind: wild camping

Facilities: river

Comment: uncountable nice campsites close to rivers

GPS-coordinates: N50 38.595 E86 22.171, N50 19.752 E87 28.184, N50 04.236 E88 24.628


Border Taschanta

Kind: wild camping

Facilities: river

Comment: Another nice campsite at a river between ger-camps close to the Mongolian Border

GPS-coordinates: N49 45.800 E89 12.145