Our Calendars

We are proud to tell you, that we published different calendars this year.
There are amazing underwater and travel calendars available for e.g. on amazon.

If you want to have a look first, press here


Global Art


Global Art 2

Amazon: Global Art

Our travel calendar

A colourful journey to Asia Cover

“A colourful journey to Asia” is available in German, and soon in English.
Here you can find links to amazon.com

Reisefreu(n)de: Die bunte Reise nach Asien A3



Svens underwater calendars 2015

Fish close up cover

Amazon.com: Sven Gruse Under Water – Fish Close Up A3

Macro photography – a close up view of underwaterlife.



Fish shooting cover-2 Amazon.com: Sven Gruse Under Water! Fish Shooting A3

Native to the warmer waters of the world’s oceans, including the Pazific Ocean and the Red Sea, tropical fish are amazing with their striking variety of bright, vivid colors and markings.