One night in Bangkok Kao San Road

With a few days delay, we flew finally to Bangkok. After all the mess with the airline we decided to change plans completely. So Bangkok instead of Lima. During the flight, we decided to go to Chaloklum (Koh Phangan) – an island, as out of an fairy tale book.

Bangkok Kao San Road

After landing at Bangkok airport, we in the first instance had to detect how to get to the Kao San Road.

Transport Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi‎ to Kao San Road

Until two years existed a bus connection between the airport an the Kao San road. Unfortunately this line has been disestablished. A brand new bus station – outside of the airport was built, but a direct line to Kao San Road is not longer existing.

Train: After the bus ride was out of question – multiple changes with heavy luggage isn`t a real solution – we walked to the train station, which is located right under the airport. A ticket to the final stop costs 45 Baht. The final stop is located downtown. From here we took a cap for 100 Baht each.
Taxi: We`ve heard that some guys managed to get a taxi from the airport to Kao San for 500 baht. So taxi sharing could be another solution.
Most hostel offer a pick up from the airport. Due to the fact, that there es no longer a direct line, you should think about this offer.

Kao San Road

The taxi droped us at the very end of the street, at the Burger King (the older one). Once we turned the corner, we were right in the middle of a sizeable crowd. People immediately tried to sell taxi rides, accommodation…. In recent years a lot changed at Kao San Road. Where in former times just was one street, now was a whole quarter. We came here because of the travel agencies. It was not possible to book bus and ferry tickets at the airport.

Connection Kao San Road  – Koh Phangan

Round about 8 pm we entered the first agency. With our bags on the back we asked for tickets to Koh Phangan the same night.  „Full“: was the answer. We guessed that, because it was very late already. Next agency, same answer, we faced up that there weren`t free bus tickets for the last bus to Chumpon.
Next one 6 am, but with direct connection to the speed ferry to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. After this one the next bus start at 6 pm.
We decided to leave Bangkok as soon as possible, so we had some hours to dawdle away in bars.

The night at Kao San Road

Tickets were fixed. Next question: a room or just a luggage deposit?
Because of the jetlag we weren`t tired and at the Kao San Road life started right now.
So – luggage deposit. For 10 baht per piece we leaved the luggage at the Sawadee Smile Inn, at the Rambutri Road. Surprisingly the shower was included – as far as we understood. At least nobody kept us off to have on in the communal ones.
After some bars, the obligatory massage und good food we waited, drunken, exhausted and tired in front oft he travell agency
On time at 6 am we started the bus journey to Chumpon and entered the ferry to Koh Phangan.

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