Ogiy Nuur and Orkhon valley

We received our Chinese Visa. Now we have 17days in Mongolia left. First we want to go a bit to the west of Ulaanbaatar to see the Ogiy Nuur and the Orkhon valley.

orkhon ugii nuur-7Ogiy Nuur

The Ogiy Nuur is a lake round about 350km west of Ulaanbaatar. We are leaving Oasis guesthouse quite late. We need some time to say Good-Bye to two Swiss couple and Benni and Verena. It is 1p.m. Will we have enough time to drive the 350km to the Ogiy Nuur today? It’s depends on the roads. And the road is great. It is more than 300km-paved road. We are driving. orkhon ugii nuur-9Somewhere behind the mountains on our left side, there should be the lake. We look for a track to cross the mountains. Ok, it is still a track. We drive up and down, however no lake, just another hill in front of us. Finally we got it. The Ogiy Nuur is in front of us. Signs show the way to different camps around the Ogiy Nuur. Many Mongols camp there. We find a place to stay for the night. Next morning cows wake us up. The cows stand beside us. More and more animals arrive.

Orkhon Valley

orkhon ugii nuur-31Later we drive further to the Orkhon Valley. The paved road ends somewhere in a track. We pass an old bridge. The bridge is not used anymore, even if not, Loki is to heavy to cross the Orkhon here. Slowly we drive further and close to the river. Some cows find a shadow please under some trees, so we do. We stay some hours here and enjoy the beautiful view, before we a going further to cross the river at a new bridge.