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Leh Ladakh belongs to the most spectacular places in India. The region in the Northwest of India has been insider tip for a long time.

Leh from an insider tip to a tourist attraction

I am sitting in one of the rooftop restaurants in Leh (Ladakh). The sun goes slowly down behind the snow-covered mountains around the city. My view goes to the Shimla Stupa to the Palace and to the Gompa (Buddhist monastery).

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It is an amazing view. It is an amazing evening, or not?
Honking sounds from the street. Not just one time, not just to times, the cars honking all the time. I feel a bit more like in Delhi than in a small mountain town. Parking is not allowed along the street. However, cars are parking everywhere. We are in India. And so it happens a traffic jam. Nobody can drive forward or backwards. Can honking really solve the problem?

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I remember the stories of Gaby. She visited Leh some years ago. At this time there were no cars or motorbikes in the city. It was hard to spot a Royal Enfield. Today, there are hotels beside guesthouses, restaurants beside travel agencies. All are looking for Indian and foreign tourists.

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When we tried to find a place to park our cars in Leh, we forced a huge traffic jam.
The hotels and guesthouses did not allowed to park our cars. And so we ended up in the city centre of Leh. Parking cars blocked the narrow roads. Loki stocked, the Bock stocked and behind a concert of honking cars started.
However we were lucky, people started to move the parking cars by hand to the side of the road. It took more than 30 minutes before we could drive further.
Finally we found a place to stay at the tourist office a bit outside of the city centre.
The cars on the road close to the restaurants are still honking. I get my curry. The view and the noise do not fit together. Maybe Leh should handle it like Shimla. In Shimla it is not allowed to drive in the centre. It could solve the traffic problem of Leh.

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Every tourist in Ladakh has to go to Leh. Ladakh is close to the Pakistani and Chinese border. So you need a permit to go to see the beautiful landscape and the Gompas around the city. Ladakh is nature and religion.
There is no honking anymore. I enjoy the view and my curry.
Tomorrow we are going into the Nubra-Valley. We have to cross the highest drivable road in the world.