Kiev – Maidan

After a long search for a place to stay for the night with Loki, we came to the Hotel Terra Nova near the highway.There were too many “truck forbidden” signs in Kiev.

Kiev – „Maidan“

We planned to stay in Kiev for 4 days, because we had a few things to do. Due to the accommodation search, one day had already past.

Down town

KIEW-4The metro system is quite easy. You can buy a chip for 2 Hrywnja (ca. 13Cent) and then you can use the metro as long as you want in one direction. We went to “Maidan” .
After days with horses at the „highways“, you can see here something totally different.
The barricades from the coup against Janukowitsch`s were still there.
Car and people tried to make their ways around the blocks made of tires and stones.
KIEW-8Further down at the „Maidan Place“ there were still tents and a stage. The scenery was more like a party than a bloody revolution.
We were deeply impressed.
At one point we saw black dressed men with mohawk haircut and armed with a baseball sticks, who a guarding the place.
We had a strange feeling.
We climbed on a hill near „Maidan“. Here was everything very peaceful and nothing remembered at the scene before.

Back to Loki, we were heading North to the Russian border.