Kazan Capital of Tatarstan

Our trip goes further to the East, to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan.

 Kazan – Capital of the Tatar people

The people here speak Tatarian. It is beside Russian the official language.

Kazan Volga

Kazan Volga

Tatarstan is the centre of the Russian Muslims. Nearly 50% of the people are Muslims.

Therefore it is not surprising to find a mosque beside a Russian-Orthodox church in the Kazan Kremlin.

In the middle of the white walls of the Kremlin you can see the white mosque with blue roofs. It is an amazing spot, like the whole Kazan Kremlin.

Kremlin Mosque

Kremlin Mosque

Beside this we also experience a gorgeous view over the river Volga.

We just spend just a half-day in this amazing city. Luckily we find a parking space close to the Kremlin at a supermarket.

In the afternoon we leave further to the East in direction of the Ural. After some hours of driving we find a nice place to stay for the night – close to a lake at a river.

The street is really bumpy to go there.

Tomorrow we are heading further to the Ural.