Kaputy Camping Warsaw

The sun shines. The engine starts. We just say good-bye to Peter, who is driving through Europe via his motorhome. After five days at Polana Sosny is our next destination Kaputy Camping Warsaw.


„How empty a road can be“ we think. After just one and a half hours we reach Krakow.

Last time we needed 5 hours fort he same route. However today we wont visit Krakow, our destination is further north. The road is sometimes easy to drive and sometimes not. It takes some time to drive 450 km. After 9 hours we reach our camp for the night – Kaputy Camping Warsaw.

We are planning to stay here for tree or four days. Shopping, sightseeing and get more free space in Loki, that is what we have to do the next days. WE also wait for our car insurance card.

Kaputy Camping Warsaw

Kaputy Camping Warschau

Kaputy Camping Warschau

We stand in front of a locked door. No campervan at all. We look to each other astonished. Before we started we wrote several emails to campsites around Warsaw. Loki is because of is height and is weight not always welcome. Kaputy Camping responded quick and friendly, that there is no problem.

After we rang the bell the doors were opened. Now we are able to enter the place. After a while a Swiss car come closer. We aren`t alone.

Day in Warsaw

We plan nothing special. We just go shopping. The insurance card arrived.

Day 2 in Warsaw


The first sunshine wake us.  Warsaw sightseeing thats the plan. Our camp site is a little bit outside. We wont move Loki. Our swiss neighbors offer us to take us downtown. You have to have luckJ

Lets go to Warsaw.

Day 3 Warsaw

We painted to town red, the evening before, with a lot of Vodka – Zubrowka. Now – hangover. We have done everything we planed, so we can drive now, but we dont feel like driving. We decide to stay one more night.

Day 4 Let’s go to Lithuania