Five Month till the start of our world trip – now in South East Asia


The decision was made. The flight is booked. Before the start of our world trip in March, 2014 we are spending only a few weeks in Cuzco (Peru) and later we are going to Roatán (Honduras).

That was our plan. However now we are in Thailand, in Chaloklum on Koh Phangan.

Trouble with our airline

Round about two weeks prior our take-off we found some Internet blogs, where are mentioned that our airline will refuse us to check-in with just an  „One-way“ ticket.

Somewhat confused we tried to contact the airline to get detailed information about the condition of transportation and on the basis of these conditions. They told us a return- or onward ticket is required. Because these are the official rules to enter Peru.

After calling the Peruvian Embassy in Germany and the German Federal Foreign Office we found out, what we have already known, these are not the official regulations. The airline was not able to specify, what exactly is the definition of an onward ticket.

After days of trying to get a clarification, it came tot he surface, that we need a flight ticket from Peru. Otherwise the airline will refuse our check-in. Even the official rules are different. A bus ticket was not acceptable for the airline. If we had known these specific private conditions of the airline we would not have booked the ticket.

An onward flight ticket was not acceptable. Because of, we had lost our flexibility.

And now?

Our heads were spinning…beside the household liquidation and all the red tape stuff, we were forced to looking for another flight, just seven days before our start of the journey.

We run through the Internet in search of another flight ticket to South America and combinations of onward and return flight tickets. However the increased flight tickets exceeded our planned travel budget.

We discussed alternatives and cancelled our bus to Cuzco and our hotel in Cuzco.

Bangkok – heading for Chaloklum on Koh Phangnan

We chose a well-known region with achievable living and flight ticket costs.

We are flying to Bangkok. There we are organizing a bus and boat to Koh Phangnan, to relax some days in Chaloklum.

We booked a flight and applied for a tourist visa. So we can stay longer in South East Asia, can visit other countries in this region and can organize our trip around the world next year.

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