Endurance of a world trip


Importantly for the planning of a world trip is to be cleared in the approach, how long the endurance of the world trip should be.


How long I want to travel around the world? – The endurance of a world trip


The endurance of a world trip depends extensively on the wishes and sighting. To be able to travel flexilble was in the centre of our planning.


How I want to explore the world?


A possibility is by airplane. Here is a round the world ticket an opportunity. However, round the world tickets are mostly valid for one year, which is why this possibility precipitates for us. Furthermore the disadvantage insists in our eyes that you are relatively unadaptable. The routes and the flights must be booked basically in the beginning. Though a transfer posting is possible, but…


An other possibility would be on foot with the backpack on the back and occasional using of public transport. This variation is probably the most adaptable, but also extensiv.


An other variation is to drive by car or motorcycle around the world. However, for this should nowhere exist certain grounding with a possible breakdown in. Furthermore crossings of a border with the import of a vehicle is more challenging as without. Furthermore the seasons must be incorporated with the route stronger in the consideration. An investigation of the width of Russia in the winter seems rather difficult.


An other possibility can be goin a boat. This is a variation which we have discussed often who is not probably moveable, however, from financial means.


Places of interest or the country experience?


Which points do you want to discover in the world? Rather the cities, the famous places of interest, liing on the beach, scaling mountains or to be also beyond the route which people get to know.


To answer this question is: We want everything.


Diving into the cities which admire places of interest, liing on the beach and diving the Sea, scaling the Kilimanjaro and getting to know the world beyond the cities and explore.


The duration of a world trip in the airplane with the main focus on cities and sigths is probably created in three months.


With scaling Kilimanjaro, liing on the beach it will need a year, easily.


If you plan to go by car or motorcycle, this probably needs from two to three years (minimum).