Suzdal Camping



„Suzdal is so beuatiful“ Astrid says, when we arrive at Suzdal Camping. Suzdal is small village at the Golden Ring of Moscow.


It is again early in the morning. The alarm is ringing. „Press, snooze“ Astrid says. So I do. Two or three snoozes later we get up. The campsite Sokolniki in Moscow is empty. The organised tour of seabridge left Camping Sokolniki early. However, we have the same destination tonight: Suzdal Campsite.
After a shower, a coffee we start Loki. It is now 7 o’clock, early enough to “miss” the Moscow rush our.

8 hours later at Suzdal Camping

Susdal Camping
It is not surprisingly, however we are not the first Camper in Suzdal. Some caravans of the seabridge group arrived earlier. „It’s the last Caravan Camping, here on you route“ says the girl of the campsite Suzdal. “And how could you find us?” “We found your address online on a website” Astrid answers. The girl looks surprised. “Really?” “Yes, it was not easy to find, however…”
Suzdal Camping GPS: N 56.413502, E 40.443401,
GPS Garmin N 56 25.872 E 40 25.301

Susdal Kloster

Susdal Kloster

Susdal – Sightseeing

On the next day we start to visit the village. Suzdal is so cute. A lot of churches, monasteries, the Kremlin the most of the buildings are restored.
We followed a track around the village. Sometimes we have to cross some bridges. However, everywhere we can spot Golden roofs.

We decide to stay one day longer in Suzdal. Our place at the river and the whole surrounding is really nice. The group of seabridge is leaving Suzdal on the next day.

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