Diving Hin Daeng

When we arrived on Koh Lanta we went straight to the „Ko Lanta Diving Center“. Dave from Koh Phangan recommended this dive centre. We wanted to dive at Hin Daeng – one of the best dive spots in the Southern Andaman Sea.

Diving Hin Daeng (Koh Lanta)

Arrived at the “Ko Lanta Diving Center”, we noticed that the season had not started yet and the first trip was planed at November the 1st. So we had some days to discover the islands.

Dive Trip to Hin Daeng

Finally on the 2nd, November a trip to Hin Daeng started. Quite early in the morning around six o’clock, we got up. We drove from Mama’s Bungalows to Saladan, further to the boat and to Hin Daeng. The “bigboat” needs about 3-4 hours to get there.
We were excited. Some people told us, that they saw Mantas at Hin Daeng.

Koh Lanta-Koh Ha

Koh Lanta-Koh Ha

On board we got coffee and a great breakfast. So the day could start. The sky was blue; the sun was shining when we passed other famous dive spots like Koh Ha.

Our diving: Hin Daeng

When we arrived at Hin Daeng the sea was calm and incredible blue.
Hin Daeng is a dive spot for experienced divers. The “rock” situated in middle of the Southern Adaman Sea betrays just three small blocks at the surface. Usually, there is a strong current due to the high and low tight.

Tauchen Hin Daeng

Tauchen Hin Daeng

The bell rang; it was time to get ready. We jumped into the sea. After some seconds an eagle ray crossed our way. Just the mantas were missing. We dived around the rocks and passed beautiful corals. Suddenly a school of batfishes stood in front of us and looked.
At our second dive the current was getting stronger, therefore we dived through a channel. We found uncountable schools of fishes. Some were hunting. Unfortunately mantas did not pass our way. However it was an exciting and amazing day at Hin Daeng.

Back from Hin Daeng to Saladan

Quickly after our second dive the engines started and we went back to Saladan. During our lunch on board we exchanged our experiences. Everybody was looking forward to the next dive at Hin Daeng. – next time maybe with mantas.