damaged brake Steyr 680

We are in Sibiria and arrived finally in Novosibirsk. The last days were really exhausting and we are happy to arrive here. close to Omsk we had a damaged brake Steyr 680. We run from car service to car service in Omsk. However nobody could help us. But let’s start fom the beginning.

Car Service Blues in Omsk

Loki und Omsk-4After the Ice cave of Kungur we are moving further to the East. We pass Yekaterinburg and we are in Asia now. Loki is running and running. We don`t notice any problems.

Oil pressure manometer

However some kilometres behind Yekaterinburg our oil pressure manometer shows oil inside. That is not the way it should work. However at this point no oil is running into the car. So we decide to go further and look for a car service.
Some hours later the oil in our oil pressure manometer is getting more and more.

However there is and was no car service, but a petrol station. We stop there.

damaged brake Steyr 680 „Loki“

Loki und Omsk-17I brake, but no brake force more. The girls from the petrol station show us the way to the next car service, just around the corner. We go at walking pace to the car service. When we arrive we can hear a rattling. The mechanicans can hear it as well. We take of the wheel and the brake drum. The complete right rear brake is destroyed. Nothing left. However here in the small car service they can not help us. We put the rest of our brake in a box. The brake line is closed. Ishim is the next big city.
We stand with our box with the last parts of our brake in a shop and in a truck service in Ishim. They shake their’s head. “Omsk”, the say.

Slowly it is getting dark. We drive to the next field for the night and on the morning further to Omsk.

Car Service Blues Omsk

Loki und Omsk-10When we come to Omsk there are a lot of car and truck services along the road. We stop and go with our box in one of the services. They want to help us. However they have not understood our problem. After some hours we get new brake linings. But they can not repair our Steyr bcause the other parts of our brake are also destroyed. We drive further from car service to car service. Some mechanicans say: “Maybe GAZ 66!” However nobody can help us.

We spend the time to write emails to German distributers of spare parts.

Omsk to Novosibirsk

Loki und Omsk-16Behind Omsk we go quickly in a supermarket. Our last rear brake is hot. The brake rubs. Shit. Today is a holiday and the most car services are closed. After 10km we find a truck service. Back wheel off, brake drum off. A seal in the brake cylinder is damaged. After five hours we can leave further to the East.

We drive slowly with around 50km/h.

At night we stop at a wunderful truck-stopp and next morning we are driving further.
The next truck-stopp. In the morning we observe gear box oil at the rihgt rear break. Ok, we take off our back wheel and have a look. The wheel hub is leaking, but it is still enough oil in the box. So we decide to go slowly further to Novosibirsk, because here in the middle of nowhere, we can`t defenitily get any help. The last 300km we are driving really slowly.
In Novosibirsk we stop at the Russian-German-House. May be we can get some contacts here.

It looks that we have to import car parts from Germany – a difficult procedere, because of the Russian custom.