Chitwan National Park

Sloth Bears, Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephants, One-Horned Rhinos and Gharials are animals you can spot in the Chitwan National Park in the South of Nepal.

Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is worth to visit. So we decide to stop there for a few days.
When we arrive in Sauhara we find easily a place to park Loki in the River View Jungle Camp.

Things to do in the Chitwan National Park

There are different activities to discover the wild life of the Chitwan National Park. We are a little bit late in the season so the grass started to grow. The chance to spot all different kinds of animals is getting less (main season from November till March).

However let me come back to the different possibilities to spot the wild life. In the National Park the offers canoeing, elephant safaris, jeep safaris and jungle walks to discover the Chitwan National Park.
We choose the normal Jeep Safari. The jeep safaris start normally around 1:30 in the afternoon and take four hours. We have to share the Jeep with eight other people, but surprisingly from every seat you have a good view. The River View Jungle Resorts offered us as well a private Jeep Safari for the whole day, but the cost with more then 200 USD are quite expensive for a day.
So we paid for our Safari 2.500 Nepalese Rupees (1USD are 105 Rupees) plus the admission fee of 1.695 Nepalese Rupees (valid for one day).
And we are quite lucky. When the safari starts we can spot some Gharials in the river. Gharials belong to the crocodiles. It is the same river where you can bath with the elephants. Despite of the high grass we can even spot rhinos and three sloth bears. The slot bears makes our guide a little bit scared. It is a mother and two baby bears. They are hiding in the jungle. However sloth bears are beside a tiger the most dangerous and aggressive species here. I do not meet one of some while walking in the jungle.
Beside this we also spotted a lot of different kind of dears, birds and much more.

Elephant bathing

Every morning around 10 o’clock the elephants come bathing in the river. I know there are some discussible points regarding elephant camps. But compared to other places in the world the elephants here look quite healthy. They look really happy to jump in the water and playing around. It takes around one hour to wash the elephants in the river. It is the same river we spotted the crocodiles before. We are enjoying the event, even if we not paid for riding and playing with the elephants in the water.

We had two interesting days here in the National Park and really enjoyed it.
Now we are going to relax some days in Pokhara.