Amritsar and Mrs. Bandaris Guesthouse

Mrs. Bandaris guesthouse is a little green oasis in the million city of Amritsar. However I call it my little green prison.

Amritsar and Mrs. Bandaris Guesthouse

Amritsar is a million city close to the Pakistan border. It is raining season and so the temperature is 35 degrees plus and humidity close to 100 per cent. Regarding to the Lonely Planet: You must to go there. In Amritsar is the Golden Temple one of the top 11 Lonely Planet attractions in India. However there is nothing more. It is just a noisy, hot and dirty Indian city.
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And for me it is the way to drive back to Germany. I am here since nearly three weeks and waiting for passport with the Pakistan and Iran visa. Unfortunately the German Post (“Deutsche Post”) does not give proper tracking information. My passport must be somewhere between Munich and Amritsar – hopefully.


So what can you do here in Amritsar, when you have to stay for a while? If you went to different Indian cities there is really nothing to explore. However I checked in at Mrs. Bandaris Guesthouse.

Mrs. Bandaris Guesthouse is an institution here – like Mrs. Bandaris was. Mrs. Bandaris was the last Parsi in Amritsar and well known for her hospitability. The guesthouse has a tradition of over 50 years. Mrs. Bandaris reached an age of 101 years. Even on her birthdays her daughter invites people for lunch.

The houses here are more than 100 years old, but they are really good maintained. It is quite unusual for India (or even Asia). The surrounding garden looks beautiful.

Many different kinds of birds are living here. The staffs are well trained and are looking for details. If I would not here the traffic noise from time to time, I would feel like in another world, but not in India. Here is also a pool, which I can use.

I could go outside, however I will not stay in another dirty, noisy and hot Indian city. I enjoy my little green prison and spend the days at the pool until my passport arrives.