Above the roofs of St. Petersburg

st petersburg-14

We check in at Dock 5 at the yacht harbour of St. Petersburg. Close to the small Newa river we park our Steyr. Toilets, shower, electricity, a short way to the city centre and a nice view about the Lena and the Gulf of Finland are included in the price.

St. Petersburg

The centre of St. Petersburg is a combination of Venice and Vienna. However, it is much bigger. On our first day we start to visit the city. A lot of channels are crossing St. Petersburg. The houses are beautiful. When we walk through the city, we could not really choose. We are really impressed.
On the way to our next Metro we stop to buy an internet modem stick from Megafon and a simcard from MTC. The service is quite good at both companies.
To buy Metro tickets is as easy as in Kiev. You just have to buy chips and than you can go in one direction as long as you want. A chip costs 28 Rubel and you can get I tat every station, mostly outside the building at a cash point.
st petersburg-51Dock 5 is located in the centre after two metro stations we are downtown at the Nevskiy Square.
There everything is decorated fort he city anniversary: Flags, music and banner everywhere.
We are walking through the city over uncountable bridges, along the channels and impressive buildings as long as you can see.
During our route we pass the St. Nicolas Cathedral, New Holland, the Winter Palace and Peter and Paul Fortress. In comparison to other cities the historical centre of St. Petersburg is huge. We walk for 20 km but this is just a small part oft he city.
It`s impressive.

Alex and Irina – above the roofs of St. Petersburg

st petersburg-25In the afternoon we have an appointment with Alex and Irina and their two sons. They drive us first to one of the harbours. The harbour area is riddled with little beaches, where locals have barbecue, go for a swim and relax.
Later we are invited to drink Kwas (similar to Coke out of dark bread).“Would you like to go to the top oft he roof“ Alex asks. For sure!
Through the old stairways we entered the roof truss and out of a little window we enter he roof. The view is just amazing.
During the meantime Irina had prepared a traditional Russian dish: Okroschka.
Later we follow Alex to the Tayricheskiy Park.
st petersburg-32At the evening we are back in the city to discover the famous „white nights“. We loose every sense of time here, because it just gets dark for two hours.

Boat trip St. Peterburg

There are more than 500 bridges in St. Petersburg. On the next day we decide to explore the city by boat, because we are tired to walk. A lot of agencies offer boat trips through the channels of St. Petersburg almost at every corner downtown.
„There are 500 bridges, but you only one head“ told us the sign. Ok we will watch it. The boat drives on the Moyka river out to the Newa River.
st petersburg-49
We passed Peter and Paul, where a lot of tourists and local people are sitting in the sun, tot he Gulf of Finland.
A tour, which is worth to make, and your feet are not needed.
At the afternoon we meet Vitaly. We are still heavy legged, so we go to a restaurant called „Terrasa“ with a nice view of St. Petersburg, especially at the Cathedral oft he Savior.
st petersburg-58NAfter a nice chat, the celebration at Nevskiy prospect for the anniversary begins. We are part of a well-planed spectacle.

We locked the city in our heart. At all events we will come back to explore more.
At the very next morning at 6 am we are on the road to Moscow.