South route Mongolia Khovd

After our misfortune from the day before we wake up with a view over the valley.
The fire truck still is next to us. We are driving on the south route Mongolia Khovd.

South route Mongolia Khovd

Our ride today begins very steeply. It ended at 2500 meter.

Our map shows two river crossings, so we decide to drive together with the fire truck.
The route guides us along a river. We see a truck right in front of us and we try to follow him, but we have no change. With an unbelievable speed he drives through the holes and away from us.
At the river we luckily find a bridge.
mongolia South route day2-13After some mountains we reach a valley where we are able to drive 50 km/h.
When we have to slow down a lot of big mosquitos come through the window. As we tested they can fly 27 Km/h . Second river crossing, bridge again.
Just one mountain later we are able to see Khovd, next to the houses are a lot of Gers at the river.

The bumpy road is replaced by a paved one. How nice after 3 days off road.
Our meeting point at the next lake with the fire truck seems to be a mosquito paradise. We decide to drive 60 km further to an oasis and spend the night there.

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